Breadless Tuna Melt in an Avocado

Breadless Tuna Melt in an Avocado. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been almost exactly two years since I posted my recipe for a Breadless Tuna Melt in a Tomato. It’s one ...

Seaweed Wrapped Seared Salmon Rolls

Seaweed Wrapped Seared Salmon Rolls I absolutely love egg rolls, spring rolls, and sushi… But you know what I don’t love? All the carbs from the rice and wrappers involved ...

Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Egg White Scramble

Smoked Salmon, Chives, Goat Cheese, and Egg White Scramble. Can we say “yum” in unison? YUMMMMMMMMM!!! I don’t know about you, but all of these holidays mashed into the past ...

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Episode 7: My Edible Feelings

Well, it’s been months since I released the last episode of The ...

Episode 6: How to Make Easter Houses

Episode 6: How to Make Easter Houses Are you as excited about ...

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Healthy Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Healthy Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip. I absolutely salivate over spinach and artichoke dip whenever I go out to a restaurant and see it on the menu. It is one of the tastiest, creamiest, garlicky-est (yup, just made that a word), and yet most fattening appetizers you could possible imagine eating. I love every moment […]

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Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Smoothie

Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Smoothie. Whew! It’s been a busy couple of months!  I’ve been working like a crazy person on my web series, Door to Door (if you haven’t watch it yet, please check it out! It’s been such a blast to make so far), I’ve been brought on board by as a […]

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Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies

Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies with Cherry Almond Frosting. Valentine’s Day is a mere 2 days away! Whether you have a Valentine or not, Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to indulge in deliciously heart shaped desserts… Especially those made with dark chocolate. These dark chocolate cherry brownies are delightfully dairy free, as they […]

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16 Super Bowl Snacks that Won’t Destroy Your Diet

16 Super Bowl Snacks that Won’t Destroy Your Diet: It’s always a mega-crisis, isn’t it? You’ve been invited to a Super Bowl party and you just want to eat everything in sight… But everything is just so bad for you. Whether you’re hosting a party or you’ve been invited to one, why not make a […]

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Antioxidant Blast Smoothie

Antioxidant Blast Smoothie with blueberries, spinach, pomegranate, and chia seeds. Did you know that blueberries are not only packed with antioxidants and vitamins like K and C, but they’ve also been shown to improve brain health, cognitive function, and improve memory? They’re rated low on the glycemic index chart, which means that consuming them will […]

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Christmas and My Birthday in Photos!

I know it’s kind of hard to believe, but I’m still alive! I’ve had a very busy last couple of months and a loooong 9 day trip back to Seattle from my birthday. Here is my review of December and the first half of January in pictures! Yay! … and the Seahawks are going to […]

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Merry Christmas!

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from my family to yours! If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen this little family photo… But I had to share it on my blog as well. That’s Atticus, my parents’ dog, getting along with Cupcake, Lemur, and Azzy on the […]

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Caramel Maple Peanut Butter Bars

Caramel Maple Peanut Butter Bars. I’m way ahead of the Christmas season. My house has been decorated since the day after Halloween. I usually save my decorating for the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I needed the holiday cheer to come extra early. Luckily for me, I’m not the only one who started in […]

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Flourless Protein Brownies

Flourless Protein Brownies.It’s been a very strange past few weeks for me. It’s been unexpectedly difficult for me to get creatively motivated and somehow the most difficult thing for me to do has been to write things down. I’ve spent a lot of evenings watching Christmas movies and even decorating my entire house for Christmas […]

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My Dear Jelly

I’ve been absent again, and this time it’s not because I’ve been busy. Unfortunately, it’s because of the severe depression I’ve been experiencing since Friday morning when I found my beloved male duck, Jelly, had been killed by a raccoon. I immediately knew something was wrong when I went outside to put the ducks in […]

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