Pumpkin Spice Praline Pecans

Pumpkin Spice Praline Pecans. I know that everything I’ve been posting lately has been pumpkin and a dessert… And I kinda of maybe a little bit feel like I should apologize, ...

Nutella Stuffed Pumpkin Bread

Nutella Stuffed Pumpkin Bread.    WOW I’ve had a long couple of weeks! Like I mentioned before, the web series I’ve been working on, Door to Door, premiered on Tuesday. ...

Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

Pumpkin Spice Popcorn.  I am overjoyed by the potential that the weather is cooling down. I can’t even tell you how ready I am for soup and hot chocolate days ...

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Episode 9: How to Divide Garden Plants. In Episode 9 of The ...

Episode 8: How to Bake Colorful Cakes Inside Real Egg Shells for Easter

Some of you might remember my “Soft Boiled” Easter Egg Cakes from ...

Episode 7: My Edible Feelings

Well, it’s been months since I released the last episode of The ...

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Salmon Eggs Benedict

Salmon Eggs Benedict Since I left England a few weeks ago, I’ve been hard-up for some of those traditional English breakfasts that I’d been enjoying on my trip. English Breakfast Tea and Soft-boiled Eggs served in egg cups have become pretty much my breakfast staple. I really just cannot get enough of them. But one […]

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Wasabi Muenster Grilled Cheese

Wasabi Muenster Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sometimes all you want in life is the comfort of a cozy grilled cheese sandwich. While hitting up the local Charlotte South End Food Truck Friday, I happened upon a food truck called “Papi Queso” where they specialize in unusual grilled cheese sandwiches. I have now tried three of them: […]

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Raw Coconut Passionfruit Pudding

Raw Coconut Passionfruit Pudding Recipe I know it’s supposed to be fall, but someone has apparently forgotten to tell the weather that. Last week we had a definite cold streak which left me in comfy, cozy sweaters craving nothing but pumpkin pastries and lattes and whatnot, making me feel like falling leaves and Halloween are […]

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I went to Downton Abbey and now… I’m back!

I have been away from this blog for far too long and I apologize for my absence. But, I went to Downton Abbey and pretended to be a proper Engish lady for 2 weeks and now I’m about to inundate you with a bazillion photos from my trip! And they’re totally not in order because […]

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Vanilla Honey Almond Butter

Vanilla Honey Almond Butter. Make it. Make it, now. I’ve been on somewhat of an almond kick for the past week or so… Just like, almonds in general. Just plain raw almonds, roasted almond butter, homemade almond milk… Whatever else I can possibly do with almonds… It’s just been sort of almond crazy. Plus, since […]

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Banana Almond Crunch Greek Yogurt

Banana Almond Crunch Greek Yogurt This… wow… This. This is pretty much my favorite breakfast recipe ever, and it’s so simple I’m not even positive that I should be able to count it as a recipe. But I’m going to. Why? Well, because I believe you should give it a try so you can find […]

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Cherry Orange Cranberry Juice and The Cleanse: Day 14

Cherry Orange Cranberry juice and the final day of my juice cleanse! Hooray! This will be my final juicing recipe for quite some time…. Craziness! Morning Exercise: Weights focused on legs, walking lunges, 6 mile walk on the greenway. Breakfast: Cherry Orange Cranberry Juice Lunch: Pineapple Green  Juice Dinner: Tomato Cilantro Juice Snack: Bell Pepper Zucchini Juice I feel: […]

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Blueberry Green Juice and The Cleanse: Day 13

Blueberry Green Juice and the 13th day of my juice cleanse. Oh. My. Gosh. I only have 1 more day. ONE MORE! Sorry, should I reiterate… ONE MORE?! Morning Exercise: ‘Twas a beautiful morning for a 5 mile walk in the undulating Piper Glen neighborhood. At least I think it was something around 5 miles. […]

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Dragon Fruit Pear Juice and The Cleanse: Day 12

Dragon Fruit Pear Juice and the 12th day of my  juice cleanse. Wow… 12 days already? I can’t believe I only have 2 left to go! Morning Exercise: 6 miles on the greenway on such a beautiful day, it was perfect. Breakfast: Pineapple Orange Berry Juice Lunch: Dragon Fruit Pear Juice Dinner: Apple Blueberry Green Juice […]

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Garden Patch Green Juice and The Cleanse: Day 11

Garden Patch Green Juice and day 11 of my cleanse. Holy cow, it’s almost over. I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Bittersweet? Morning Exercise: Weights focused on chest, shoulders, back, and legs and a beautiful morning stroll on the greenway. Breakfast: Pineapple Berry Juice Lunch: Cantaloupe Strawberry Juice Dinner: Garden Patch Green Juice Snack: Grapefruit […]

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