Brandy Spiked Eggnog Cookies

Brandy Spiked Eggnog Cookies. Yes. Please. OMG. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I love brandy spiked desserts, especially with eggnog and especially for Christmas. And I’m always looking for something ...

Cranberry Walnut Cream Cheese Monkey Bread

Cranberry Walnut Cream Cheese Monkey Bread. Monkey Bread is one of those perfect desserts for holiday gatherings. It’s pretty simple to make, it really doesn’t require many ingredients, and serving ...

Panettone French Toast

Panettone French Toast must be on your holiday breakfast menu this year. Seriously. Certainly you’ve seen the big displays at the grocery store of these funny loaves of bread inside ...

Holiday Favorites

Sage Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes

Sage Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes Oh, hello there, you sexy little morsels ...

Haunted Halloween Cookie House

Haunted Halloween Cookie House: Because cookie houses aren’t just for Christmas, anymore! ...

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with a Triple Gingersnap Crust

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with a Triple Gingersnap Crust. This recipe for Pumpkin ...

More on the Menu

Collard Greens Hummus Wrap

Collard Greens Hummus Wrap Can I assume you’re here because you’re looking for something healthy? Well, BAM. Look no further! I’m not sure about you guys, but the heavy eating over the holidays is turning me a little pudgy. To ease the effects of the winter weight gain, I try to eat at clean as […]

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Sage Brown Butter

Sage Brown Butter. Can I give you some sage advice (giggle giggle, knee slap, my pun game is so strong)? This Sage Brown Butter is a winner. For a couple of years now, I’ve read many food bloggers raving about the incredible discovery of brown butter (cough cough, Jessica from How Sweet It Is), but […]

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Roasted Garlic Hummus

Roasted Garlic Hummus.¬†Fall is so close. SOOOOOOO close. It’s the only thing I can think about right now as I sit here praying for cooler weather. As a Seattle native, this business of weeks and weeks of over 97 degree weather has me somehow feeling depressed and super housebound. Any time I hear a droplet […]

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Where have I been?

Whew! It’s been far too long since I’ve made a post on here! To be honest, I’m not sure if anyone follows my blog anymore because my posts have become so sporadic. Or if anyone even noticed that I’d gone missing! But in case you’ve been wondering about my whereabouts, I’ll tell you! … and, […]

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Gingersnaps with Mango Chutney and Goat Cheese

Gingersnaps with Mango Chutney and Goat Cheese are the simplest, yet most satisfyingly flavorful little appetizers ever. And they’re pretty, to boot! I’m not sure about you, but the holidays get pretty hectic for me. I never want to go to any Christmas parties empty-handed, but I don’t exactly have all the time in the […]

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Halloween Graveyard Brownies

Halloween Graveyard Brownies are pretty much the best brownies you could possibly imagine. When I was a kid, we used to go to the local Round Table Pizza in Issaquah where they had a soda fountain with 8 different sodas to choose from and we got to fill our own cups. Being only the tender […]

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Giant Sugar Cookie Tombstone

This Giant Sugar Cookie Tombstone is a fun and super easy creation for Halloween. It serves just as much as a decoration as it does a dessert.¬† Of course, I originally made it as a spooky accompaniment to my Halloween Graveyard Brownies, but it would have various decorative applications, including serving it flat and cutting […]

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Adorable Halloween Candy Spiders

Adorable Halloween Candy Spiders. Seriously, though. Are these not just the cutest things ever? They remind me of the little balls of soot in Spirited Away, but they’re edible and delicious little candy spiders! And if they’re not the easiest things in the world to make, then I really don’t know what is. Here’s what […]

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Salmon Eggs Benedict

Salmon Eggs Benedict Since I left England a few weeks ago, I’ve been hard-up for some of those traditional English breakfasts that I’d been enjoying on my trip. English Breakfast Tea and Soft-boiled Eggs served in egg cups have become pretty much my breakfast staple. I really just cannot get enough of them. But one […]

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Wasabi Muenster Grilled Cheese

Wasabi Muenster Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sometimes all you want in life is the comfort of a cozy grilled cheese sandwich. While hitting up the local Charlotte South End Food Truck Friday, I happened upon a food truck called “Papi Queso” where they specialize in unusual grilled cheese sandwiches. I have now tried three of them: […]

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