Episode 8: How to Bake Colorful Cakes Inside Real Egg Shells for Easter

Some of you might remember my “Soft Boiled” Easter Egg Cakes from a couple of years ago. I still feel like they are one of the most fun baking projects for Easter. It’s basically an inside-out Easter Egg, with the outside shell looking like a normal egg, but cracking into it you discover a wonderfully colorful cake! It’s very impressive, and almost looks like real magic!

Easter Cakes Baked Inside Real Egg ShellsThese have been my most popular Easter recipe to date, and I decided to make a step-by-step video tutorial of the whole process to show exactly how they’re done, and how you keep the holes so inconspicuous that your children will think the eggs just came that way.

Easter Cakes Baked Inside Real Egg ShellsTo simplify the process, I used a boxed cake mix instead of the from-scratch vanilla cake recipe that’s included in the original post. I then show exactly how to fill them with the Peach and Lemon Curd frosting “yolk”, and the recipe for that is also in the original post.

Easter Cakes Baked Inside Real Egg Shells

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